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  Home > 1. Donnington 'Originals' > Individual Figures and Accessories > The Dark Ages and Byzantine Empire > Visigoths

Note: Spanish Visigoths were more Romanised than most Germans and wore breeches with bare legs or hose
DVC01 Mounted General
classical cuirass, waving sword, face mask helmet, cloak, round shield
DVC02 Mounted Warrior
mail shirt with pteruges, breeches and leggings, spear, spangenhelm, cloak, round shield
DVC03 Mounted Warrior
scale armour with pteruges, spear, round helmet, cloak, round shield
DVF01 Spearman
cuirass with pteruges, breeches, spear, spangenhelm, round shield
DVF02 Spearman
tunic, breeches, spear, round shield, advancing
DVF03 Roman Style Town Militia Officer/Spearman
scale armour, spear, two piece helmet, cloak, round shield
DVF04 Goth/Town Militia Archer
tunic, firing bow
DVF05 Spearman
tunic, breeches, spear, round shield, advancing