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Note: Visigoth and Ostrogoth cavalry mix perfectly with Vandal cavalry. Moorish allies can be supplied
from the Berber range
DNC01 Mounted NobleDNC01 Mounted Noble
scale cuirass with pteruges, tunic, wide trousers, spear, cloak, spangenhelm, round shield
DNC02 Mounted WarriorDNC02 Mounted Warrior
tunic, wide trousers, spear, round shield
DNC03 Mounted Officer/GeneralDNC03 Mounted Officer/General
mail shirt with pteruges, waving sword, feather creasted spangenhelm, cloak, round shield
DNC04 Mounted NobleDNC04 Mounted Noble
mail shirt with pteruges, spear, plumed spangenhelm, cloak, round shield
DNC05 Mounted WarriorDNC05 Mounted Warrior
tunic, trousers, waving sword, shield, cloak
DNC06 Mounted Standard BearerDNC06 Mounted Standard Bearer
mail shirt, pteruges, dragon standard, spangenhelm, shield (also suitable for all Goths)