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Vapnartak - York

Sun 2nd Feb 2020

The Grandstand
York Racecourse
Knavesmire Road
YO23 1EX


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‘New Era’ Armies of Islam Range -
Over 50 mounted and 40 foot figure codes (most with multiple poses) including:

Character figures
Berbers, Moors and Saracens
Nubians, Negroes and Sudanese


Xyston Miniatures -
As the main UK stockist for Xyston Miniatures, we will have all the Xyston ranges on show and available for purchase (see 'News' opposite)

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TYH00 - TYH05      WEH01 - WEH02


TYC01 Mounted GeneralTYC01 Mounted General
cuirass, buff coat, bare headed, pointing
TYC02 Mounted GeneralTYC02 Mounted General
half armour, bare headed, holding baton
TYC03 CuirassierTYC03 Cuirassier
three quarter armour, holding pistol, plumed close helmet
TYC03A Cuirassier Standard Bearer
as TYC03 with separate standard (affix to right upper arm and right foot)
TYC04 Mounted Standard BearerTYC04 Mounted Standard Bearer
standard draped, coat, wide brimmed hat
TYC05 CuirassierTYC05 Cuirassier
three quarter armour, holding long pistol, close helmet
TYC06 CuirassierTYC06 Cuirassier
three quarter armour, sword raised, plumed close helmet
TYC07 Western European LancerTYC07 Western European Lancer
three quarter armour, heavy lance, plumed close helmet
TYC08 Mounted OfficerTYC08 Mounted Officer
short jacket, waving sword, sash, plumed hat
TYC09 Mounted TrumpeterTYC09 Mounted Trumpeter
short jacket, holding trumpet, plumed hat
TYC10 CuirassierTYC10 Cuirassier
three quarter armour, holding sword down, sash, lobster pot helmet (also suitable as officer for late Imperial or Swedish armies)
TYC11 CavalryTYC11 Cavalry
jacket, holding pistol, hat
TYC12 Dragoon DrummerTYC12 Dragoon Drummer
jacket, drum, plumed hat
TYC13 DragoonTYC13 Dragoon
jacket, slung musket, hat
TYC14 HarquebussierTYC14 Harquebussier
cuirass, buff coat, holding carbine, lobster pot helmet (also suitable as Cuirassier in late war armies)
TYC15 Spanish CuirassierTYC15 Spanish Cuirassier
half armour, holding sword, plumed morion helmet
TYC16 Swedish Hakkapelli (Finnish)TYC16 Swedish Hakkapelli (Finnish)
long buff coat, waving sword, sash, hat
TYC17 Imperial/Swedish CuirassierTYC17 Imperial/Swedish Cuirassier
three quarter armour with Anime cuirass, buffcoat, waving sword, lobster pot helmet
TYC18 Swedish CuirassierTYC18 Swedish Cuirassier
three quarter armour,buff coat,sword raised, lobster pot helmet
TYC19 Mounted GeneralTYC19 Mounted General
buff coat, plumed hat, pointing
TYC20 Mounted OfficerTYC20 Mounted Officer
embroidered buff coat with slashed sleeves, plumed hat, large sash, waving sword encouragingly
TYC21 Mounted Standard BearerTYC21 Mounted Standard Bearer
standard draped, back and breast plates, plumed hat
TYC22 Mounted Standard BearerTYC22 Mounted Standard Bearer
standard draped, buff coat, plumed lobster pot helmet (suitable for Harquebusiers or later Cuirassiers)
TYC23 CuirassierTYC23 Cuirassier
three quarter armour, holding pistol, Savoyard helmet (death's head mask)
TYC24 CuirassierTYC24 Cuirassier
back and breast plates, holding pistol, sash, lobster pot helmet (ideal for mid to late war armies)
TYC25 French MusketeerTYC25 French Musketeer
slashed buff coat, tabard, carbine slung, waving sword (D'Artagnan rides again !!)
TYC26 Curassier/HorseTYC26 Curassier/Horse
back and breast plate, holding sword on shoulder, carbine slung, plumed lobster helmet (suitable for virtually any late army)
TYC27 HorseTYC27 Horse
buff coat, pistol at ready, carbine slung,sash, felt hat
TYC28 Arquebusier/Spanish DragoonTYC28 Arquebusier/Spanish Dragoon
short jacket, firing musket, morion helmet (suitable for early war armies)
TYC29 DragoonTYC29 Dragoon
holding musket, plumed hat, boots turned down (suitable for mid to late armies)
TYF01 Senior OfficerTYF01 Senior Officer
lace trimmed coat, hat,boots, extravagant sash, baton
TYF02 OfficerTYF02 Officer
cuirass, back and breast plates, rondache shield, holding sword, morion helmet
TYF03 Officer/SergeantTYF03 Officer/Sergeant
short jacket, partisan, gorget, hat, low boots
TYF04 Officer,jacketTYF04 Officer,jacket
spontoon, lunging with sword, hat
TYF05 DrummerTYF05 Drummer
short jacket, drumming, plumed hat, advancing
TYF06 Officer/Standard BearerTYF06 Officer/Standard Bearer
large breeches and short jacket lace trimmed, holding plumed hat, open hand for halberd
TYF07 Standard BearerTYF07 Standard Bearer
standard draped over right shoulder, plumed hat
TYF08 Standard BearerTYF08 Standard Bearer
standard upright, plumed hat, advancing
TYF09 Officer/Standard Bearer/PikemanTYF09 Officer/Standard Bearer/Pikeman
three quarter armour, burgonet helmet, open handed, standing (suitable for early to mid war armies)
TYF10 PikemanTYF10 Pikeman
buff coat, pike upright, felt/steel small round hat (suitable for early war armies)
TYF11 PikemanTYF11 Pikeman
back and breast plates, pike upright, morion helmet (suitable for early war armies)
TYF12 PikemanTYF12 Pikeman
jacket, pike upright, cabacete morion, advancing
TYF13 PikemanTYF13 Pikeman
back and breast plates with tassets, pike held upright, sash, flat brimmed helmet
TYF14 PikemanTYF14 Pikeman
back and breast plates, pike held upright, large Dutch style pot helmet
TYF15 PikemanTYF15 Pikeman
back and breast plates with tassets, pike held upright, plumed large
TYF16 Spanish MusketeerTYF16 Spanish Musketeer
short jacket, musket over shoulder, cabacete morion helmet, marching
TYF17 MusketeerTYF17 Musketeer
short jacket, loading musket, apostles, broad brimmed hat
TYF18 MusketeerTYF18 Musketeer
short jacket, musket over shoulder, apostles, rest in right hand, hat, standing
TYF19 MusketeerTYF19 Musketeer
short jacket, musket at rest, plumed hat, at the ready
TYF20 MusketeerTYF20 Musketeer
cassock with unbuttoned hanging sleeves, plumed hat, advancing with musket and rest
TYF21 Musketeer/RiflemanTYF21 Musketeer/Rifleman
coat, firing musket, no musket rest or apostles, hat (also suitable as dismounted dragoon or late period musketeer)
TYF22 MusketeerTYF22 Musketeer
short jacket, musket, fringed trousers, apostles, plumed hat, standing at ease (suitable for late French/Dutch armies)
TYF23 MusketeerTYF23 Musketeer
jacket, firing musket on rest, plumed hat, apostles
TYF24 MusketeerTYF24 Musketeer
short jacket, firing musket on rest, apostles, helmet (suitable for early to mid war armies)
TYF25 Dismounted DragoonTYF25 Dismounted Dragoon
jacket, musket, no apostles, hat, advancing
TYF26 GunnerTYF26 Gunner
short jacket, holding budge barrel, hat
TYF27 GunnerTYF27 Gunner
short jacket, holding cannon ball (a strong lad!!), hat
TYF28 Gunner,jacketTYF28 Gunner,jacket
standing with rammer, hat
TYF29 Gunner,jacketTYF29 Gunner,jacket
holding lighted match (carefully!!), sash, plumed hat
TYF30 GunnerTYF30 Gunner
shirt, no hat, walking
TYF31 GunnerTYF31 Gunner
stripped to waist, no hat, wiping forehead
TYF32 Scots HighlanderTYF32 Scots Highlander
kilt, plaid and bonnet, bow, standing
TYF33 Scots Highlander,TYF33 Scots Highlander,
short jacket, breeches, bonnet, musket, advancing
TYF34 Scots Officer/HighlanderTYF34 Scots Officer/Highlander
kilt, plaid and bonnet, holding pistol and sword, targe on back, advancing
TYF35 Scots HighlanderTYF35 Scots Highlander
kilt, plaid and bonnet, musket, standing with Swedes Feather rest
TYF36 Halberdier/SergeantTYF36 Halberdier/Sergeant
back and breast plates, halberd, morion helmet, advancing
TYF37 PikemanTYF37 Pikeman
buff coat, pike upright, plumed felt hat (suitable for mid to late war armies)
TYF38 Officer/Standard BearerTYF38 Officer/Standard Bearer
buff coat, sash,open hand for halberd, pike or standard, lobster pot helmet, advancing with sword
TYF39 Drummer,TYF39 Drummer,
jacket with hanging sleeves, large plumed hat, advancing
TYF40 Sergeant/PikemanTYF40 Sergeant/Pikeman
buff coat with sash, halberd or pike, Dutch pot helmet,standing at ease
TYF41 PikemanTYF41 Pikeman
back and breast plates, tassets, pike upright, plumed Cabacece morion (suitable for early war armies)
TYF42 PikemanTYF42 Pikeman
back and breast plates, tassets, pike upright, floppy hat
TYF43 PikemanTYF43 Pikeman
back and breast plates, pauldrons, arm armour, tassets, pike upright, morion helmet,standing (suitable for early war armies)
TYF44 PikemanTYF44 Pikeman
buff coat, gorget, pike upright, plumed pot helmet, standing
TYF45 PikemanTYF45 Pikeman
back and breast plates, tassets, pike upright, round helmet, advancing
TYF46 PikemanTYF46 Pikeman
back and breast plates, pike upright, English pot helmet, advancing
TYF47 Scots PikemanTYF47 Scots Pikeman
bonnet and plaid, pike upright, standing at ease
TYF48 French MusketeerTYF48 French Musketeer
pleated buttoned jacket and breeches, musket and rest over shoulder, apostles, small fur hat, marching
TYF49 Musketeer,jacketTYF49 Musketeer,jacket
musket over shoulder, apostles, hat, marching
TYF50 Dutch/Late French MusketeerTYF50 Dutch/Late French Musketeer
jacket, holding rest with musket shouldered, apostles, pleated buttoned breeches, standing
TYF51 MusketeerTYF51 Musketeer
jacket, firing musket, no rest, apostles, large plumed hat
TYF52 Musketeer/DragoonTYF52 Musketeer/Dragoon
jacket, musket, no apostles, large hat and boots
TYF53 Swedish/Late German MusketeerTYF53 Swedish/Late German Musketeer
long coat, musket, plumed hat
TYF54 Swedish MusketeerTYF54 Swedish Musketeer
long coat, firing with Swede's Feather, no apostles, slung sack (BANG!!)
TYF55 MusketeerTYF55 Musketeer
short jacket, firing musket on rest, apostles, helmet, ruff
TYF56 Spanish MusketeerTYF56 Spanish Musketeer
short jacket, musket on rest at the ready, apostles, morion helmet
TYF57 Spanish Arquebussier/DragoonTYF57 Spanish Arquebussier/Dragoon
short jacket, priming musket, morion helmet
TYH04 Dragoon HorseTYH04 Dragoon Horse
trotting, no pistols (horse only)
ARTTY01 Swedish Battalion GunARTTY01 Swedish Battalion Gun
ARTTY02 Saker - long barreled Regimental Light GunARTTY02 Saker - long barreled Regimental Light Gun
ARTTY03 Medium GunARTTY03 Medium Gun
ARTTY04  3 Pdr Battalion GunARTTY04 3 Pdr Battalion Gun
fits on a 25mm deep base - Ideal for FOG Regimantal Gun
ARTTY07  Gun AccessoriesARTTY07 Gun Accessories
pile of cannon balls, budge barrel and powder chest
TY07 Personalisation Kit
dagger, bullet bag, sack, blanket roll, pouch