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Vapnartak - York

Sun 2nd Feb 2020

The Grandstand
York Racecourse
Knavesmire Road
YO23 1EX


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‘New Era’ Armies of Islam Range -
Over 50 mounted and 40 foot figure codes (most with multiple poses) including:

Character figures
Berbers, Moors and Saracens
Nubians, Negroes and Sudanese


Xyston Miniatures -
As the main UK stockist for Xyston Miniatures, we will have all the Xyston ranges on show and available for purchase (see 'News' opposite)

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  Home > 1. Donnington 'Originals' > Individual Figures and Accessories > The Dark Ages and Byzantine Empire > The Wars of King Arthur - SubRoman Britain

ABC01 Mounted Arthur/Romano British General
ABC02 Romano Briton Cavalry
‘Ilurig’ armour, tunic, trousers, sword drawn, plumed helmet, oval shield
ABC03 Mounted Pictish Noble
mail shirt, spear, helmet, cloak, buckler
ABC04 Mounted Pictish Warrior
tunic, javelin, buckler
ABC05 Cymri Cavalry
mail shirt, tunic, trousers, waving sword, carrying javelin, cloak, buckler
ABC06 Romano Briton/Cymri Cavalry
mail shirt, tunic, trousers, spear, crested helmet, cloak, buckler
ABC07 Romano Briton Cavalry
cuirass, pteruges, spear, crested helmet, cloak, round shield
ABC08 Romano British/Cymri Cavalry Standard Bearer
cuirass, pteruges, dragon standard, Phrygian cap, round shield
ABF01 Romano British Officer
‘Ilurig’ armour, tunic, trousers, waving sword, Late Roman helmet, cloak, oval shield, advancing
ABF02 Romano British Pedyt
jacket, trousers, spear, cloak, oval shield, advancing
ABF03 Romano British Pedyt
‘Ilurig’ armour, tunic, trousers, spear, Phrygian cap, cloak, oval shield, attacking
ABF04 British Javelinman
tunic, trousers, javelin, buckler held forward, advancing
ABF05 British Warrior
tunic, trousers, spear, cloak, small shield, attacking
ABF06 Pictish Noble
long tunic, spear, pointed cap, buckler, advancing
ABF07 Pictish Spearman
long tunic, spear, buckler
ABF08 Pictish Spearman
tunic, spear levelled, cloak, ‘H’ shaped shield, attacking
ABF09 Pictish Spearman
long coat, spear, square shield
ABF10 Pictish Crossbowman
tunic, holding crossbow
ABF11 Pictish Archer
tunic, drawing/loading bow, cloak
ABF12 Pictish/Scots Noble
long tunic, waving sword, cloak, buckler
ABF13 Anglian Noble
mail coat, splinted arm and leg armour, spear, boar crest helmet, shield, advancing (a chief in Swedish style armour)
ABF14 Anglian Warrior
tunic, leg bindings, spear, pointed cap, round shield
ABF15 Anglian Warrior
edged tunic, trousers, spear, round shield
ABF16 Anglian Thegn
leather cuirass, pteruges, trousers with leg bindings, thrusting spear, cloak, round shield
ABF17 Anglian/Saxon/Jutish Noble
tunic, trousers, mail shirt, spear, cloak, round shield
ABF18 Jutish/Anglian Warrior
tunic, trousers, spear, round shield
ABF19 Jutish/Anglian Thegn
mail shirt, pteruges, trousers, spear, francisca at belt, cloak, shield with plaques, advancing
ABF20 Saxon Thegn
tunic, mail shirt, trousers with leg bindings, thrusting spear under round shield, pony tail hair
ABF21 Saxon Warrior
tunic, trousers, spear, round shield, pony tail, advancing
ABF22 Saxon Warrior
tunic, trousers with leg bindings, thrusting spear, round shield, pony tail
ABF23 Saxon Swordsman
tunic, trousers, waving sword, round shield, pony tail
ABF24 Romano British Pedyt
‘Ilurig’ armour, spear, pointed cap, round shield, advancing
ABF25 Welsh/Cymry Pedyt
tunic, spear, round shield, advancing
ABF26 Scots Irish/Pictish Young Noble
tunic, spear, cloak, squared shield
ABF27 Scots Warrior
trews, throwing spear, cloak, round buckler
ABF28 Irish Warrior
jacket, trews, waving sword, small round buckler
ABF29 Ulster Warrior
tunic, spear, oval basket shield
ABF30 Universal Warrior
tunic, trousers, spear, supplied with round shield or mantlet(you choose which you want) ***
ABF31 Romano British Pedyt Standard Bearer
cuirass, pteruges, tunic, trousers, waving sword, leather cap, cloak
ABF32 Cymri
Dismounted Cavalry, mail shirt, tunic, trousers, waving sword, cloak, buckler, running
ABF33 Cymri
tunic, trousers, waving sword, carrying javelin, cloak, buckler
ABF34 Pictish Noble
long tunic, javelin over arm, brat cloak, buckler
ABF35 Saxon Noble
mail shirt, trousers, holding sword, cloak, helmet, shield
ABF36 Anglian/Jutish Noble
long tunic, waving sword, shield (can also be Irish general)
ABF37 Anglian/Saxon Standard Bearer
tunic, trousers, dragon standard, waving sword, leather cap, round shield
ABF38 Anglian/Jutish Archer
tunic, trousers, firing bow
ABF39 Anglo Saxon Trumpeter
tunic, trousers, blowing horn, spear, shield
ABF40 Scot
waistcoat, breeches, sword, buckler, advancing