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  Home > 1. Donnington 'Originals' > Individual Figures and Accessories > Warfare in the 17th Century > The Age of Turenne and Montecuccli

TYC26 Curassier/HorseTYC26 Curassier/Horse
back and breast plate, holding sword on shoulder, carbine slung, plumed lobster helmet (suitable for virtually any late army)
TYC27 HorseTYC27 Horse
buff coat, pistol at ready, carbine slung,sash, felt hat
TYF58 French OfficerTYF58 French Officer
short jacket, waving sword, breeches, sash, felt hat
TYF59 French DrummerTYF59 French Drummer
short jacket, breeches, felt hat, advancing
TYF60 German/Dutch PikemanTYF60 German/Dutch Pikeman
tattered long coat, back and breast plate, pike held upright, sash, plumed morion helmet
TYF61 PikemanTYF61 Pikeman
long coat, pike held upright, plumed felt hat
TYF62 MusketeerTYF62 Musketeer
long coat, musket over shoulder, apostles, felt hat
TYF63 MusketeerTYF63 Musketeer
long coat, musket at ready, apostles, bag, plumed felt hat
TYF64 French/Dutch MusketeerTYF64 French/Dutch Musketeer
long coat, musket, apostles, plumed felt hat, standing
TYF65 German MusketeerTYF65 German Musketeer
long coat, firing musket on rest, apostles, plumed felt hat
TYF66 German MusketeerTYF66 German Musketeer
long coat with large cuffs, firing musket, no rest, apostles, plumed felt hat
TYF67 French PikemanTYF67 French Pikeman
back and breast plates, pike held upright, breeches, hat
TYF68 French PikemanTYF68 French Pikeman
short jacket, pike held upright, breeches, hat
TYF69 Standard Bearer/PikemanTYF69 Standard Bearer/Pikeman
coat, long boots, plumed hat, advancing
TYF70 Officer/Standard BearerTYF70 Officer/Standard Bearer
long coat with short buff coat, boots, plumed hat, advancing
TYF71 French MusketeerTYF71 French Musketeer
short jacket, musket, apostles, breeches, hat, advancing
TYF72 French MusketeerTYF72 French Musketeer
jacket,musket over shoulder,long boots,plumed hat,advancing
ARTTY01 Swedish Battalion GunARTTY01 Swedish Battalion Gun
ARTTY02 Saker - long barreled Regimental Light GunARTTY02 Saker - long barreled Regimental Light Gun
ARTTY03 Medium GunARTTY03 Medium Gun
ARTTY04  3 Pdr Battalion GunARTTY04 3 Pdr Battalion Gun
fits on a 25mm deep base - Ideal for FOG Regimantal Gun
TY07 Personalisation Kit
dagger, bullet bag, sack, blanket roll, pouch
ARTTY07  Gun AccessoriesARTTY07 Gun Accessories
pile of cannon balls, budge barrel, powder coffin, charge box