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Salute - London



Sat 6th Apr 2019

ExCeL London
Royal Victoria Dock
E16 1XL

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‘New Era’ Armies of Islam Range -
Over 50 mounted and 40 foot figure codes (most with multiple poses) including:

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Nubians, Negroes and Sudanese


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  Home > 1. Donnington 'Originals' > Individual Figures and Accessories > The Great Wars in the Mediterranean > Sicilian and Italian Slave Revolts

GRF05 Psilos SlingerGRF05 Psilos Slinger
sling (3 poses)
HC15a Light CavalrymanHC15a Light Cavalryman
tunic, spear, cloak, oval shield
HF04a Ex Cilician/Syrian SlaveHF04a Ex Cilician/Syrian Slave
tunic, thrusting long spear overarm, plumed helmet, oval shield
HF05a Ex Cilician/Syrian SlaveHF05a Ex Cilician/Syrian Slave
tunic, long spear, plumed helmet, oval shield, advancing
LGF08 AxemanLGF08 Axeman
tunic, holding axe, Celtic long shield
SVC01 Spartacus MountedSVC01 Spartacus Mounted
waving sword
SVC02 Mounted GeneralSVC02 Mounted General
plumed helmet, waving 'forward'
SVC03 Mounted GeneralSVC03 Mounted General
sword drawn, plumed helmet, oval shield
SVC04 Mounted Standard BearerSVC04 Mounted Standard Bearer
vexilum, plumed helmet, oval shield
SVC05 CavalrymanSVC05 Cavalryman
tunic, spear, round shield
SVC06 CavalrymanSVC06 Cavalryman
tunic and trousers, spear, bearded, round shield
SVC07 Mounted LeaderSVC07 Mounted Leader
helmet with small plume, waving 'forward'
SVF01 General/King of SlavesSVF01 General/King of Slaves
mail coat, waving sword, plumed archaic helmet, oval shield
SVF02 General/LeaderSVF02 General/Leader
mail coat, waving sword, plumed helmet, round shield
SVF03 Officer/LeaderSVF03 Officer/Leader
mail coat, waving sword, Attic helmet, round shield
SVF04 Standard BearerSVF04 Standard Bearer
vexilum, plumed helmet, small round shield
SVF05 Standard BearerSVF05 Standard Bearer
open hand for standard, oblong shield
SVF06 TrumpeterSVF06 Trumpeter
tunic, oval shield
SVF07 Ex Gladiator in Legionary attireSVF07 Ex Gladiator in Legionary attire
sword drawn, helmet, scutum
SVF08 Ex Gladiator in Legionary attireSVF08 Ex Gladiator in Legionary attire
sword drawn, sword arm covered by secutor arm defence, helmet, scutum
SVF09 Ex Gladiator in Legionary attireSVF09 Ex Gladiator in Legionary attire
pilum at ready, helmet, scutum
SVF10 Ex Gladiator in Legionary attireSVF10 Ex Gladiator in Legionary attire
thrusting pilum overarm, sword arm covered by secutor arm defence, helmet, scutum
SVF11 Ex Gallic SlaveSVF11 Ex Gallic Slave
tunic and trousers, mail jacket, waving sword, Gallic helmet, scutum
SVF12 Ex German SlaveSVF12 Ex German Slave
tunic and trousers, mail coat, spear, shaggy hair, oval shield
SVF13 Ex Syrian SlaveSVF13 Ex Syrian Slave
mail coat, spear, plumed helmet, oval shield
SVF14 Ex SlaveSVF14 Ex Slave
tunic, spear levelled, Roman coolus helmet, oval shield
SVF15 Ex SlaveSVF15 Ex Slave
tunic, spear levelled, hoplomachus gladiatorial helmet, oval shield
SVF16 Ex Slave (Syrian)SVF16 Ex Slave (Syrian)
tunic, spear levelled, bare headed, oval shield
SVF17 Ex SlaveSVF17 Ex Slave
tunic, long spear, javelin held behind oval shield, bearded
SVF18 Ex German SlaveSVF18 Ex German Slave
tunic, club, oval shield
SVF19 Ex Gallic SlaveSVF19 Ex Gallic Slave
tunic, sword at ready, limed hair, oblong shield
SVF20 Ex Gallic SlaveSVF20 Ex Gallic Slave
tunic, waving sword, limed hair, round shield
SVF21 Ex Gallic SlaveSVF21 Ex Gallic Slave
tunic, running holding sword, limed hair, oblong shield
SVF22 Skirmisher, tunicSVF22 Skirmisher, tunic
throwing javelin, small round shield
SVF23 Skirmisher, tunicSVF23 Skirmisher, tunic
throwing javelin, holding javelins behind small round shield
SVF24 Ex Slave WomanSVF24 Ex Slave Woman
holding spear upright, small buckler
SVF25 Ex Slave WomanSVF25 Ex Slave Woman
holding spear upright, scutum
SVF26 Ex Slave WomanSVF26 Ex Slave Woman
holding club at the ready
SVF27 Ex Slave WomanSVF27 Ex Slave Woman
thrusting spear two handed
SVF28 Ex Slave BoySVF28 Ex Slave Boy
running holding javelin and buckler