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  Home > 1. Donnington 'Originals' > Individual Figures and Accessories > The Dark Ages and Byzantine Empire > Sassanid Persians

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          SDH01 - SDH08         

SDC01 CataphractSDC01 Cataphract
segmented iron and mail armour, lance
SDC02 CataphractSDC02 Cataphract
segmented iron and mail armour, surcoat, lance, 3 poses
SDC03 Clibinarius Cavalry Standard BearerSDC03 Clibinarius Cavalry Standard Bearer
mail coat with breast plate, gold standard, bow, helmet
SDC04 Mounted Standard BearerSDC04 Mounted Standard Bearer
coat, tasselled standard, tall hat
SDC05 Clibinarius CavalrySDC05 Clibinarius Cavalry
mail coat with/without breast plate, lance, bow, helmet with aventail, shield, 2 poses
SDC06 Clibinarius CavalrySDC06 Clibinarius Cavalry
mail shirt with lamellar cuirass, bow held in right hand, helmet, shield
SDC07 LevySDC07 Levy
tunic, trousers, spear, bow, bare headed, buckler slung on back
SDC08 Turk CavalrySDC08 Turk Cavalry
lamellar coat, lance held 2 handed, bow, helmet
SDC09 Sassanid/Early Arab period Persian CavalrySDC09 Sassanid/Early Arab period Persian Cavalry
mail jacket, waving sword, bow, turbaned helmet, buckler
SDC10 Clibinarius CavalrySDC10 Clibinarius Cavalry
mail coat, firing bow, helmet with aventail, separate buckler
SDC11 Clibinarius Cavalry/OfficerSDC11 Clibinarius Cavalry/Officer
mail coat, holding sword, helmet, buckler
SDC12 Mounted King or GeneralSDC12 Mounted King or General
holding sword
SDEL01 ElephantSDEL01 Elephant
tower, mahout, 2 armoured crew and casualty - 2 variants
SDF01 LevySDF01 Levy
tunic, trousers, spear, cap, wicker shield
SDF02 JavelinmanSDF02 Javelinman
fur waistcoat, tunic, trousers, javelins, skull cap, buckler
SDF03 Sassanid/Kurdish ArcherSDF03 Sassanid/Kurdish Archer
tunic, trousers, firing bow, hand axe, cap, buckler
SDF04 LevySDF04 Levy
tunic, trousers, spear lowered, cap, oblong shield, attacking
SDF05 LevySDF05 Levy
mail shirt, tunic, trousers, spear, cap, oblong shield, advancing
SDF06 Dismounted ClibinariusSDF06 Dismounted Clibinarius
mail shirt, waving sword, bow, helmet with mail aventail (born to lead those levies)
SDF07 SlingerSDF07 Slinger
tunic, trousers, skull cap, buckler, sling
SDF08 Standard Bearer
tunic, trousers, cap, tasselled standard, wicker shield