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  Home > 1. Donnington 'Originals' > Individual Figures and Accessories > The Dark Ages and Byzantine Empire > Romano-Byzantines

RBC01 Belisarius Cavalry/GeneralRBC01 Belisarius Cavalry/General
cuirass, pteruges, lamellar arm armour, waving sword, plumed spangenhelm, cloak
RBC02 Bucellarius Cavalry OfficerRBC02 Bucellarius Cavalry Officer
lamellar cuirass, greaves, waving sword, bow, crested spangenhelm, buckler
RBC03 Bucellarius CavalryRBC03 Bucellarius Cavalry
mail cuirass, greaves, lance, bow, plumed spangenhelm, buckler
RBC04 Bucellarius CavalryRBC04 Bucellarius Cavalry
lamellar cuirass over mail coat, lance, bow, creasted helmet, buckler,cloak
RBC05 Bucellarius/CataphractRBC05 Bucellarius/Cataphract
mail coat, lance, bow, plumed spangenhelm, buckler, cloak
RBC06 Mounted Standard BearerRBC06 Mounted Standard Bearer
long mail coat, standard, Persian style helmet, buckler, cloak
RBC07 Horse ArcherRBC07 Horse Archer
mail shirt, pteruges, waving sword, bow, plumed spangenhelm, cloak
RBC08 Horse ArcherRBC08 Horse Archer
cuirass, pteruges, tunic, trousers, firing bow, plumed spangenhelm, cloak
RBC09 Herul cavalryRBC09 Herul cavalry
wrap over jacket, spear, shield
RBC10 Persian CavalryRBC10 Persian Cavalry
mail coat, lamellar arm armour, lance, bow, helmet, buckle
RBF01 OfficerRBF01 Officer
cuirass, pteruges, tunic, trousers, waving sword, crested spangenhelm, shield
RBF02 Standard BearerRBF02 Standard Bearer
cuirass, pteruges, dragon standard, plumed spangenhelm, shield, cloak
RBF03 AntesignaniRBF03 Antesignani
long mail coat, spear, plumed spangenhelm, oval spiked shield
RBF04 AntesignaniRBF04 Antesignani
long mail coat, spear, plumed spangenhelm, round spiked shield
RBF05 SpearmanRBF05 Spearman
cuirass, pteruges, spear, plumed spangenhelm, round shield
RBF06 SpearmanRBF06 Spearman
mailshirt, pteruges, long spear, plumed spangenhelm, round shield, cloak
RBF07 ArcherRBF07 Archer
tunic, breaches, firing bow, axe (suitable for back rankers)
RBF08 ArcherRBF08 Archer
embroidered tunic, breaches, advancing holding bow, axe
RBF09 ArcherRBF09 Archer
tunic, trousers, firing bow, sword, buckler on arm
RBF10 Isaurian AuxiliaryRBF10 Isaurian Auxiliary
tunic, trouser, spear, shield, advancing
RBF11 Dismounted HerulRBF11 Dismounted Herul
wrap over jacket, spear, shield, advancing
RBF12 SpearmanRBF12 Spearman
tunic, spear, cap, round shield, cloak (suitable for back rankers)