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The numbers in brackets, at the end of each description, refer to the reference numbers in the WRG publication "The Armies and Enemies of Imperial Rome".
ARFxx and FRFxx figures in this range are Roman Allies.
ARF01 LegionaryARF01 Legionary
heavy foot, throwing pilum, curved oval scutum (7)
ARF02 LegionaryARF02 Legionary
heavy foot, thrusting pilum overarm, curved oval scutum (7)
ARF03 LegionaryARF03 Legionary
backranker, heavy foot, pilum upright, curved oval scutum (7)
ARF04 CenturianARF04 Centurian
sword drawn, curved oval scutum (45)
ARF05 AuxiliaryARF05 Auxiliary
heavy foot, throwing spear, oval shield (18)
ARF06 AuxiliaryARF06 Auxiliary
heavy foot, thrusting spear overarm, oval shield (18)
FRF26 Auxiliary CenturionFRF26 Auxiliary Centurion
sword, oval shield, 1st/2nd century
FRF29 Legionary Aquilifer
eagle standard, oval shield, 1st/2nd century (50)
FRF30 Legionary Standard Bearer
standard, round shield, 1st/2nd century (52)
FRF31 Auxiliary Standard BearerFRF31 Auxiliary Standard Bearer
standard, round shield, 1st/2nd century (53)
FRF32 CornicernFRF32 Cornicern
blowing cornu (trumpet), 1st/2nd century (57)
PAC01 CataphractPAC01 Cataphract
kontos, face mask (121)
PAC02 CataphractPAC02 Cataphract
thrusting kontos under arm
PAC03 Regular CavalryPAC03 Regular Cavalry
spear, bow, round shield (122)
PAC04 CitizenPAC04 Citizen
firing bow (123)
PAC05 Mounted OfficerPAC05 Mounted Officer
waving sword, bow, round shield
PAC06 Heavy CamelryPAC06 Heavy Camelry
spear, bow, round shield (124)
PAC07 Arab CamelryPAC07 Arab Camelry
spear, round shield
PAC08 Queen ZenobiaPAC08 Queen Zenobia
(single casting of rider & camel) – 56p
PAC09 CataphractPAC09 Cataphract
kontos, bearded face mask
PAC10 Cataphract Standard BearerPAC10 Cataphract Standard Bearer
dragon standard, face mask
PAC11 Cataphract OfficerPAC11 Cataphract Officer
holding mace, face mask
PAF01 Palmyran ArcherPAF01 Palmyran Archer
drawing arrow from bow case, axe, plumed helmet, round shield
PAF02 Palmyran ArcherPAF02 Palmyran Archer
firing, sword