Ostrogoths (Italian Goths)

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  • DGC01 Mounted General

    classical armour, tunic, trousers, boots, brandishing spear, plumed spangenhelm, cloak, round shield
  • DGC02 Saiones Cavalry

    mailshirt with pteruges, wide trousers, spear, cloak, spiked helmet, round shield
  • DGF01 Spearman

    tunic, wide trousers, spear, cap, round shield, advancing
  • DGF02 Archer

    tunic, wide trousers, bow, cap, advancing
  • DGF03 Noble

    scale armour, pteruges, holding sword, cloak, plumed spangenhelm, round shield ("I'll be back" demeanour)
  • DGF06 Spearman

    tunic, breaches, spear, cap, shield, cloak (also suitable for Visigoths)
  • DGF07 Spearman

    embroidered tunic & trousers, spear, shield, advancing (also suitable for Slavs)
  • DGF08 Spearman

    western style mailshirt, breaches, spear, shield (also suitable for Visigoths and Franks)