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  Home > 1. Donnington 'Originals' > Individual Figures and Accessories > The Dark Ages and Byzantine Empire > Ostrogoths (Italian Goths)

DGC01 Mounted General
classical armour, tunic, trousers, boots, brandishing spear, plumed spangenhelm, cloak, round shield
DGC02 Saiones Cavalry
mailshirt with pteruges, wide trousers, spear, cloak, spiked helmet, round shield
DGC03 Mounted Warrior
tunic, wide trousers, javelin, cloak, round shield
DGC04 Mounted Warrior
tunic, trousers, javelins, cloak, helmet, round shield
DGF01 Spearman
tunic, wide trousers, spear, cap, round shield, advancing
DGF02 Archer
tunic, wide trousers, bow, cap, advancing
DGF03 Noble
scale armour, pteruges, holding sword, cloak, plumed spangenhelm, round shield ("I'll be back" demeanour)
DGF04 Standard Bearer
tunic, trousers, dragon standard, plumed helmet, round shield
DGF05 Officer/Dismounted Noble
cuirass, pteruges, tunic, trousers, spear, plumed, spangenhelm, shield, cloak
DGF06 Spearman
tunic, breaches, spear, cap, shield, cloak (also suitable for Visigoths)
DGF07 Spearman
embroidered tunic & trousers, spear, shield, advancing (also suitable for Slavs)
DGF08 Spearman
western style mailshirt, breaches, spear, shield (also suitable for Visigoths and Franks)