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  Home > 1. Donnington 'Originals' > Individual Figures and Accessories > The Great Wars in the Mediterranean > Numidians

NUC01 Mounted Moorish PrinceNUC01 Mounted Moorish Prince
unarmoured cvalry
NUC02 Mounted WarriorNUC02 Mounted Warrior
unarmoured cavalry, javelin, round shield (3 positions)
NUEL01 ElephantNUEL01 Elephant
mahout, tower with 2 crew
NUEL02 Armoured ElephantNUEL02 Armoured Elephant
mahout, tower with 2 crew
NUF01 WarriorNUF01 Warrior
unarmoured, javelin, round shield (3 positions)
NUF02 ArcherNUF02 Archer
unarmoured, bow
NUF03 Syphax Roman Trained Infantry TrumpeterNUF03 Syphax Roman Trained Infantry Trumpeter
unarmoured, shield
NUF04 Syphax Roman Trained Infantry SpearmanNUF04 Syphax Roman Trained Infantry Spearman
unarmoured, spear, shield