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  Home > 1. Donnington 'Originals' > Individual Figures and Accessories > The Wars of Imperial Rome > Maccabean Jews and Jewish Revolt

JC01 Mounted GeneralJC01 Mounted General
waving sword
JC02 Mounted Older MenJC02 Mounted Older Men
scale cuirass, greaves, lance, helmet, shield
JC03 Mounted Younger MenJC03 Mounted Younger Men
tunic, thrusting javelin
JC04 Mounted Younger MenJC04 Mounted Younger Men
tunic, javelins
JF01 OfficerJF01 Officer
mail tunic, greaves, sword drawn, helmet, oval shield
JF02 Foot of PhalanxJF02 Foot of Phalanx
tunic, thrusting long spear, javelin, oval shield
JF03 Foot of PhalanxJF03 Foot of Phalanx
tunic, long spear, javelin, oval shield
JF04 Standard BearerJF04 Standard Bearer
army standard
JF05 Standard BearerJF05 Standard Bearer
unit standard
JF06 TrumpeterJF06 Trumpeter
JF07 JavelinmanJF07 Javelinman
tunic, throwing javelin, round shield
JF08 ArcherJF08 Archer
loading, bearded
JF09 ArcherJF09 Archer
firing, bearded
JF10 SlingerJF10 Slinger
JF11 SlingerJF11 Slinger
firing, stones in bag
JF12 SlingerJF12 Slinger
firing, stones in cloak
JF13 ArcherJF13 Archer
loading, clean shaven
JF14 ArcherJF14 Archer
firing, clean shaven