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  Home > 1. Donnington 'Originals' > Individual Figures and Accessories > The Great Wars in the Mediterranean > Ligurians

Ligurians were used as allies by Celts, Romans and Carthaginians. For a Ligurian army use Celtic or British cavalry.
LGF01 OfficerLGF01 Officer
tunic, Villanovan style helmet,Celtic long shield
LGF02 Standard BearerLGF02 Standard Bearer
tunic, Celtic long shield
LGF03 HornblowerLGF03 Hornblower
tunic, blowing bulls horn, Celtic long shield
LGF04 WarriorLGF04 Warrior
tunic, javelin, running, Celtic long shield
LGF05 WarriorLGF05 Warrior
tunic, throwing spear, Celtic long shield
LGF06 WarriorLGF06 Warrior
tunic, thrusting spear, standing, Celtic long shield
LGF07 WarriorLGF07 Warrior
tunic, standing at ready with spear, Celtic long shield
LGF08 AxemanLGF08 Axeman
tunic, holding axe, Celtic long shield