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  Home > 1. Donnington 'Originals' > Individual Figures and Accessories > The Great Wars in the Mediterranean > Greeks

GRC01 Heavy CavalryGRC01 Heavy Cavalry
spear, Boeotian Helmet
GRC02 Unarmoured CavalryGRC02 Unarmoured Cavalry
GRF01 HopliteGRF01 Hoplite
linen or leather armour, long spear, Hoplon
GRF02 HopliteGRF02 Hoplite
metallic armour, long spear, Hoplon
GRF03 Psilos JavalinmanGRF03 Psilos Javalinman
javelin, shield (3 poses)
GRF04 Psilos ArcherGRF04 Psilos Archer
bow (2 poses)
GRF05 Psilos SlingerGRF05 Psilos Slinger
sling (3 poses)
GRF10 Cretan ArcherGRF10 Cretan Archer
GRF11 Spartan HopliteGRF11 Spartan Hoplite
linen armour, long spear, pilos helmet, Hoplon
GRF12 HopliteGRF12 Hoplite
long spear, pilos helmet, Hoplon
GRF13 HopliteGRF13 Hoplite
long spear, attic helmet, Hoplon