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ART40 Table CatapultART40 Table Catapult
ART41 BalistaART41 Balista
ART42 Early Perrier (hand pulled stonethrower)ART42 Early Perrier (hand pulled stonethrower)
Includes 4 crew pulling ropes
ART43 Large PerrierART43 Large Perrier
ART44 Trabuchet (height 55mm)ART44 Trabuchet (height 55mm)
ART45 Large Trebuchet (height 65mm)ART45 Large Trebuchet (height 65mm)
ART46 Giant Trebuchet (height 99mm), (Mal Voisin!!)ART46 Giant Trebuchet (height 99mm), (Mal Voisin!!)
ART47 Pile of Large BallsART47 Pile of Large Balls
ART48 Pile of Giant BallsART48 Pile of Giant Balls