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  Home > 1. Donnington 'Originals' > Individual Figures and Accessories > The Wars of Imperial Rome > Early Germans

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EGH00 - EGH03

EGC01 Mounted GeneralEGC01 Mounted General
Montefortino Helmet, spear, round shield
EGC02 Suebian CavalryEGC02 Suebian Cavalry
unarmoured, spear, round shield
EGC03 German CavalryEGC03 German Cavalry
unarmoured, ponytail hair, spear, round shield
EGC04 German CavalryEGC04 German Cavalry
unarmoured, shaggy hair, spear, round shield
EGC05 Heavy CavalryEGC05 Heavy Cavalry
spear, round shield
EGC06 Batavian Heavy CavalryEGC06 Batavian Heavy Cavalry
spear, shield
sword, helmet
EGF02 Standard BearerEGF02 Standard Bearer
horse head standard
EGF03 WarriorEGF03 Warrior
ponytail hair, fraema, shield
EGF04 WarriorEGF04 Warrior
ponytail hair, club, shield
EGF05 WarriorEGF05 Warrior
ponytail hair, thrusting overarm, shield
EGF06 WarriorEGF06 Warrior
ponytail hair, long spear, shield
EGF07 WarriorEGF07 Warrior
ponytail hair, bulls horn trumphet, shield
EGF08 Suebian WarriorEGF08 Suebian Warrior
fraema, shield at ready
EGF09 Suebian WarriorEGF09 Suebian Warrior
advancing, fraema, shield
EGF10 Suebian WarriorEGF10 Suebian Warrior
throwing fraema, shield
EGF11 WarriorEGF11 Warrior
shaggy hair, bulls horn trumphet, shield
EGF12 WarriorEGF12 Warrior
shaggy hair, thrusting fraema, shield
EGF13 WarriorEGF13 Warrior
shaggy hair, fraema, shield at ready
EGF14 Chatti WarriorEGF14 Chatti Warrior
shaggy hair, fur jacket, fraema, shield at ready
EGF15 WarriorEGF15 Warrior
shaggy hair, club, shield
EGF16 WarriorEGF16 Warrior
ponytail hair, fur jacket, shield, axe, bare legs
EGF17 SkirmisherEGF17 Skirmisher
shaggy hair, javelin, shield, running
EGF18 WarriorEGF18 Warrior
long plaited hair, fraema, shield, advancing
EGF19 SkirmisherEGF19 Skirmisher
Suebian hair style, javelin, shield, running
EGF20 SkirmisherEGF20 Skirmisher
ponytail hair, javelin, shield, running
EGF21 Standard BearerEGF21 Standard Bearer
boar standard, shield
EGF22 WarriorEGF22 Warrior
shaggy hair, long spear, shield
EGF23 ArcherEGF23 Archer
EGF24 Batavian WarriorEGF24 Batavian Warrior
heavy foot, throwing spear/javelin, shield