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Skirmishers and Warriors may be mixed.
German or Celtic Archers may be used in a Dacian army.
Small numbers of Celtic or British figures(except Gaesati and figures with spiked limed hair) may be mixed in
with units.
DAC01 Mounted GeneralDAC01 Mounted General
scale armour,waving falx,shield
DAC02 Mounted WarriorDAC02 Mounted Warrior
DAF01 ChieftainDAF01 Chieftain
scale armour, waving sword, shield, cloak
DAF02 Standard BearerDAF02 Standard Bearer
dragon standard, shield, cloak
DAF03 WarriorDAF03 Warrior
thrusting spear upwards, shield,cloak, advancing
DAF04 WarriorDAF04 Warrior
spear, shield, cloak, attacking
DAF05 WarriorDAF05 Warrior
throwing spear, shield, cloak
DAF06 SkirmishersDAF06 Skirmishers
throwing spear/javelin, shield, cloak
DAF07 NobleDAF07 Noble
throwing spear/javelin, helmet, shield, cloak
DAF08 BastarnaeDAF08 Bastarnae
bare chested, falx, bare headed, attacking (variations)
DAF09 BastarnaeDAF09 Bastarnae
bare chested, falx, cap, attacking (variations)
DAF10 WarriorDAF10 Warrior
falx, cloak, attacking (variations)
DAF11 NobleDAF11 Noble
falx, helmet, cloak, attacking
DAF12 ArcherDAF12 Archer
drawing arrow from quiver
DAF13 ArcherDAF13 Archer
drawing bow
DAF14 ArcherDAF14 Archer