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Other useful 'bits and pieces' can be found in our New Era 'Equipment' range
CB01 Baggage Horse with Wicker PaniersCB01 Baggage Horse with Wicker Paniers
Horse suppied with a selection of accessories to configure baggage for ancient or medieval armies
CB02 Baggage Horse with FrameCB02 Baggage Horse with Frame
Horse suppied with a selection of accessories to configure baggage for ancient or medieval armies
CB03 Baggage Horse with Frame (medieval)CB03 Baggage Horse with Frame (medieval)
Horse suppied with a selection of accessories to configure baggage for medieval armies
CB04 Horse Handler (ancient)CB04 Horse Handler (ancient)
Sleeveless tunic, bare legs
CB05 Horse Handler (ancient/medieval)CB05 Horse Handler (ancient/medieval)
tunic, trousers and cap
CB06 Horse Handler (medieval)CB06 Horse Handler (medieval)
tunic and leggings
CB07 Field Blacksmith Basic SetCB07 Field Blacksmith Basic Set
Shelter, long table, water skin, anvil & block, tools, quench bath & bucket, fire & bellows on stand, pile of charcoal, basket of faggots, blacksmith & 2 assistants
CB08 Field Blacksmith Farrier Extension SetCB08 Field Blacksmith Farrier Extension Set
Horse, farrier & assistant
CB09 Field Blacksmith Armourer Extension SetCB09 Field Blacksmith Armourer Extension Set
Weapons rack, assorted weapons, helmets and shields, man polishing sword (weapons supplied may vary)
CB10 Baggage SetCB10 Baggage Set
Crate, sacks, barrels and a chest
CB11 Baggage Camel with HandlerCB11 Baggage Camel with Handler
Camel and baggage with handler wearing long robes and headdress
CB12 Baggage Camel SittingCB12 Baggage Camel Sitting
Camel, sitting with baggage
CB13 Camel with Saddle - SittingCB13 Camel with Saddle - Sitting
Camel with saddle, sitting on ground
CB14 Open 4 Wheel WagonCB14 Open 4 Wheel Wagon
Open 4 wheel wagon with cargo (takes pair of wagon horses/oxen - not included)
CB15 Covered 4 Wheel WagonCB15 Covered 4 Wheel Wagon
Covered 4 wheel wagon - with tarpaulin cover (takes pair of wagon horses/oxen - not included)
CB16 Open 2 Wheel Wagon (Tumbril)CB16 Open 2 Wheel Wagon (Tumbril)
Open 2 wheel wagon (Tumbril) with cargo (takes single drought horse/ox CB18 or CB20 - not included)
CB17 Draught Horses in HarnessesCB17 Draught Horses in Harnesses
Pair of horses
CB18 Draught Horse in YokeCB18 Draught Horse in Yoke
Single horse
CB19 Draught Oxen with Double YokeCB19 Draught Oxen with Double Yoke
Pair of oxen
CB20 Draught Ox with Single YokeCB20 Draught Ox with Single Yoke
Single ox
CB21 Medieval TentCB21 Medieval Tent
Medieval tent with banner
CB22 Knight Mounting SetCB22 Knight Mounting Set
Knight mounting horse with weapons rack, squire, dog and falcon on purch
CB23 Camp FireCB23 Camp Fire
CB24 Cooking SetCB24 Cooking Set
Camp fire, tripod, cooking pots with woman attendant
CB25 Hog Roasting SetCB25 Hog Roasting Set
Camp fire, spit roast, hog with man or woman attendant
CB26 Camp Followers ClassicalCB26 Camp Followers Classical
3 figures
CB27 Camp Followers Barbarian WomenCB27 Camp Followers Barbarian Women
2 figures (use CB29 for barbarian men)
CB28 Camp Followers MedievalCB28 Camp Followers Medieval
6 figures and fallen tree trunk
CB29 Camp Followers GeneralCB29 Camp Followers General
4 figures
CB30 Prisoners BarbarianCB30 Prisoners Barbarian
4 figures
CB31 Prisoners MedievalCB31 Prisoners Medieval
4 figures
CB32 Man in PilloryCB32 Man in Pillory
CB33 Sheep and shepherdCB33 Sheep and shepherd
4 sheep 1 shepherd
CB34 Pigs and KeeperCB34 Pigs and Keeper
4 pigs, 1 keeper
CB35 Poultry and KeeperCB35 Poultry and Keeper
3 birds, 1 keeper
CB36 Goats and keeperCB36 Goats and keeper
4 goats, 1 keeper
CB37 Medieval PavilionCB37 Medieval Pavilion
Medieval pavilion with banner
CB38 Minstrel troop and jesterCB38 Minstrel troop and jester
5 figures
CB39 Clerics with altarCB39 Clerics with altar
altar, cross, 4 figures
CB40 Cleric with book chest and portersCB40 Cleric with book chest and porters
book chest, 3 figures
CB41 Cleric with praying knightsCB41 Cleric with praying knights
3 figures
CB42 Arab Tent  smallCB42 Arab Tent small
CB43 Arab tent  largeCB43 Arab tent large
with optional canopy rolled/deployed
CB44 Mullah and boy holding relic boxCB44 Mullah and boy holding relic box
CB45 Arabic portersCB45 Arabic porters
with various loads, 3 figures
CB46 Arabic camp fire and charactersCB46 Arabic camp fire and characters
camp fire and 2 figures
CB47 Arabic street characters - maleCB47 Arabic street characters - male
snake charmer, man with monkey on shoulder, old man
CB48 Arabic street characters  femaleCB48 Arabic street characters female
flat basket and 2 figures
CB49  Zoroastrian Fire TempleCB49 Zoroastrian Fire Temple
MDF and resin model, can be built with brick or rendered finish (supplied unpainted - figures not included)