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  Home > 1. Donnington 'Originals' > Individual Figures and Accessories > Early Medieval Europe and Asia > Byzantine and Eastern Peoples

BYC01 Byzantine CavalryBYC01 Byzantine Cavalry
mailshirt, lance, cloak, plumed helmet, almond shield
BYC02 Byzantine Standard BearerBYC02 Byzantine Standard Bearer
long lamellar coat, standard, almond shield
BYC03 Georgian CavalryBYC03 Georgian Cavalry
mail coat, lance, bow, pointed helmet, buckler
BYC04 Hungarian KnightBYC04 Hungarian Knight
scale, lance, helmet, kite shield
BYC05 Armenian KnightBYC05 Armenian Knight
Byzantine armour, waving sword, cloak, round helmet, almond shield
BYC06 Serbian CavalryBYC06 Serbian Cavalry
mailshirt, waving sword, bow, helmet, long heater shield
BYC07 Mounted Cuman NobleBYC07 Mounted Cuman Noble
mailshirt, waving sword, bow, pointed face mask helmet, buckler
BYC08 Mounted Cuman/Pecheneg NobleBYC08 Mounted Cuman/Pecheneg Noble
mailshirt, spear, bow, face mask helmet
BYC09 Cuman CavalryBYC09 Cuman Cavalry
fur jacket, spear, bow, round shield, fur cap
BYC10 Cuman CavalryBYC10 Cuman Cavalry
long coat, firing bow, pointed hat
BYC11 Slav CavalryBYC11 Slav Cavalry
spear, almond shield, helmet
BYC12 Alan Light HorseBYC12 Alan Light Horse
firing bow, cap (use MCH5 or DKH4,5,6,10)
BYC13 Alan Light HorseBYC13 Alan Light Horse
loading bow, cap (use DKH4,5,6,10)
BYF01 Byzantine OfficerBYF01 Byzantine Officer
scale or quilt armour with pteruges, waving sword, helmet, round shield, (suitable for 11th to 13th centuries)
BYF02 Byzantine SpearmanBYF02 Byzantine Spearman
scale or quilt armour with pteruges, long spear, helmet, kite shield, standing/advancing, (suitable for 11th to 13th centuries)
BYF03 Byzantine SpearmanBYF03 Byzantine Spearman
light/medium foot, light cuirass, running forward holding spear, helmet, round shield
BYF04 Byzantine ArcherBYF04 Byzantine Archer
tunic, drawing bow, slung quiver, cap
BYF05 Byzantine SpearmanBYF05 Byzantine Spearman
light foot, spear, helmet, round shield, advancing
BYF06 Cilician Armenian Spear/JavelinmanBYF06 Cilician Armenian Spear/Javelinman
spear, round shield, pointed cap
BYF07 Armenian ArcherBYF07 Armenian Archer
holding bow, straggly beard, pointed hat
BYF08 Byzantine ArcherBYF08 Byzantine Archer
tunic, firing bow, helmet
BYF09 Byzantine Standard BearerBYF09 Byzantine Standard Bearer
mail shirt, standard, plumed helmet
BYF10 Byzantine OfficerBYF10 Byzantine Officer
mailshirt, pteruges, waving sword, plumed helmet, kite shield, cloak