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HYH01 - HYH07                    HYH16 - HYH23


AGIN01 Agincourt Casualty Pack 1AGIN01 Agincourt Casualty Pack 1
2 x crashing knights falling from horses, 1 x dead horse, 2 x dead men at arms
ARTHY01 Heavy Bombard, 14th CARTHY01 Heavy Bombard, 14th C
ARTHY02 Light Bombard, 15th CARTHY02 Light Bombard, 15th C
ARTHY03 Light Wheeled Saka CannonARTHY03 Light Wheeled Saka Cannon
ARTHY04 Ribauldiquin / organ gunARTHY04 Ribauldiquin / organ gun
ARTHY05 Heavy Bombard, 15th CARTHY05 Heavy Bombard, 15th C
ARTHY06 Swinging Artillery MantletARTHY06 Swinging Artillery Mantlet
Mantlet can be mounted in a 'high' or 'low' position
ARTHY07  Gun AccessoriesARTHY07 Gun Accessories
pile of cannon balls, budge barrel, powder coffin, charge box
ARTHY15 Late Medieval Gunnery OfficerARTHY15 Late Medieval Gunnery Officer
richly attired, pointing, holding stave
ARTHY16 Late Medieval GunnerARTHY16 Late Medieval Gunner
holding lighted taper
ARTHY17 Late Medieval CrewmanARTHY17 Late Medieval Crewman
shielding eyes
ARTHY18 Late Medieval CrewmanARTHY18 Late Medieval Crewman
holding ball
ARTHY19 Late Medieval CrewmanARTHY19 Late Medieval Crewman
mail jacket, levering with stave
BUC01 Philip the Good / Charles the Bold / GeneralBUC01 Philip the Good / Charles the Bold / General
BUC02 GeneralBUC02 General
open surcoat, turban, holding baton
BUC03 TrumpeterBUC03 Trumpeter
trumpet at side
BUC10 CoustillierBUC10 Coustillier
surcoat, arm harness, sallet helmet with scarf and plume, carrying lance
BUC11 CoustillierBUC11 Coustillier
surcoat, plate legs, sallet helmet, carrying lance
BUC12 Valet de GuerreBUC12 Valet de Guerre
gambeson, plackart, cervelliere helmet, lance up
BUC13 Valet de GuerreBUC13 Valet de Guerre
brigandine, mail coif, kettle helmet, carrying lance
BUC14 Mounted longbowmanBUC14 Mounted longbowman
gambeson, plackart, cervelliere helmet, longbow in cover, lance up
BUF01 PikemanBUF01 Pikeman
plate to torso, hose leggings, sallet helmet pushed back, targe, standing
BUF02 Lowland PikemanBUF02 Lowland Pikeman
brigandine, plate to legs, kettle helmet, standing
BUF03 Lowland PikemanBUF03 Lowland Pikeman
aketon with plackart, leg armour, open sallet helmet, pike lowered
BUF04 LongbowmanBUF04 Longbowman
jacket, hose leggings, sallet helmet with visor raised, fur covered arrow bag, shooting
BUF05 LongbowmanBUF05 Longbowman
padded jacket, hose leggings, cervelliere helmet with scarf, large arrow bag, taking arrow
BUF06 LongbowmanBUF06 Longbowman
jacket, hose leggings, barbute helmet with scarf, fur covered arrow bag, notching arrow
BUF07 Dismounted longbowmanBUF07 Dismounted longbowman
jacket, thigh length boots, sallet helmet with visor raised, fur covered arrow bag, shooting
BUF08 Dismounted longbowmanBUF08 Dismounted longbowman
padded jacket, thigh length boots, cervelliere helmet with scarf, large or fur covered arrow bag, taking arrow
BUF09 CrossbowmanBUF09 Crossbowman
jacket, hose leggings, sallet helmet, shooting
BUF10 CrossbowmanBUF10 Crossbowman
jacket, hose leggings, sallet helmet with visor raised, taking bolt neck of jacket
BUF11 HandgunnerBUF11 Handgunner
jacket, hose leggings, felt cap, culverine, walking