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Click on thumbnails to view horses / camels

MUH01 - MUH09   MUH10 - MUH13
MUF37 Saracen crossbowmanMUF37 Saracen crossbowman
mail corselet, trousers, helmet, crossbow, 3 poses
MUF38 Dailami spearmenMUF38 Dailami spearmen
robe, trousers, helmet, spear, 3 poses
MUF39 Dailami archerMUF39 Dailami archer
robe, trousers, helmet, bow, 3 poses
MUF40 Naffatun with naphtha bombMUF40 Naffatun with naphtha bomb
protective clothing over robe, leggings, fire pot, 2 poses
MUF41 Naffatun with Greek fire siphonMUF41 Naffatun with Greek fire siphon
protective clothing over robe, leggings, cheirosiphne
MUF42 Mamluk with hand held midfaMUF42 Mamluk with hand held midfa
coat, felt hat, leggings, midfa
MUF90 Musician with cymbalsMUF90 Musician with cymbals
long robe, turban, playing cymbals
MUF91 Musician with drumMUF91 Musician with drum
long robe, turban, playing drum
MUF92 Musician with trumpetMUF92 Musician with trumpet
long robe, turban, playing trumpet

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