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Sat/Sun 16th/17th Nov 2019

Rivermead Leisure Centre
Richfield Ave


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‘New Era’ Armies of Islam Range -
Over 50 mounted and 40 foot figure codes (most with multiple poses) including:

Character figures
Berbers, Moors and Saracens
Nubians, Negroes and Sudanese


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Note: Berbers are an essential part of Arab armies in Spain and France
DMC01 Mounted GeneralDMC01 Mounted General
waving sword, buckler
DMC02 Mounted OfficerDMC02 Mounted Officer
lamellar shirt, long coat, waving sword, turbaned helmet, buckler
DMC03 Arab/Berber CavalryDMC03 Arab/Berber Cavalry
coat, spear, cloak, round shield
DMC04 Arab CavalryDMC04 Arab Cavalry
(LC or HC with armour under coat), long top coat, spear, turban, buckler
DMC05 Arab CavalryDMC05 Arab Cavalry
long top coat, spear, pointed cap
DMC06 Arab CavalryDMC06 Arab Cavalry
long mail coat, spear, helmet, round shield
DMC07 Arab CavalryDMC07 Arab Cavalry
long scale coat, spear, helmet, round shield
DMC08 Berber CavalryDMC08 Berber Cavalry
loincloth, swinging sword, cloak, buckler
DMC09 Berber CavalryDMC09 Berber Cavalry
loincloth, sword, round shield
DMC10 Berber CavalryDMC10 Berber Cavalry
tunic, spear, cloak, buckler
DMC11 Mounted Standard BearerDMC11 Mounted Standard Bearer
jacket over mail coat, standard, turban
DMC12 Andalusian Arab CavalryDMC12 Andalusian Arab Cavalry
long mail coat, spear, helmet, studded shield
DMC13 Umayyad LancerDMC13 Umayyad Lancer
long top coat, crocodile skin helmet
DMC14 Persian Asawira CavalryDMC14 Persian Asawira Cavalry
tunic over mail coat, leg splints, holding bow, turbaned cap (also suitable for Late Sassanids)
DMC15 Abbasid Persian CavalryDMC15 Abbasid Persian Cavalry
scale and mail jacket, holding bow, tubaned helmet (also for Sassanids)
DMC16 Umayyad Elite CavalryDMC16 Umayyad Elite Cavalry
scale coat with mail arms and leggings, lance, turbaned helmet, buckler
DMC17 Mounted Khurasami/Arab/OfficerDMC17 Mounted Khurasami/Arab/Officer
tunic over mail, waving mace, bow, helmet with mail aventail and face guard, buckler
DMC18 Ansar CavalryDMC18 Ansar Cavalry
tunic over mail coat, lance, turbaned helmet with mail face guard, buckler
DMC19 Mounted Arab General/OfficerDMC19 Mounted Arab General/Officer
mail coat and leggings, waving sword, turbaned helmet with mail face guard, buckler, cloak
DMF01 Arab Conquest SpearmanDMF01 Arab Conquest Spearman
DMF02 Arab Conquest ArcherDMF02 Arab Conquest Archer
long top coat, firing bow
DMF03 Andalusian ArcherDMF03 Andalusian Archer
tunic, breeches, bow, turban, advancing (9th to 11th cent.)
DMF04 Andalusian SpearmanDMF04 Andalusian Spearman
tunic, breeches, spear, buckler, advancing
DMF05 Berber SwordsmanDMF05 Berber Swordsman
loincloth, sword, round shield
DMF06 Berber SpearmanDMF06 Berber Spearman
tunic, cloak, spear, round shield
DMF07 Berber SpearmanDMF07 Berber Spearman
mail coat, spear, turbaned helmet, round buckler
DMF08 Arab ArcherDMF08 Arab Archer
loin cloth, drawing bow, cloak (suitable for early armies)
DMF09 Arab OfficerDMF09 Arab Officer
long coat, holding sword, helmet, buckler
DMF10 Nubian SpearmanDMF10 Nubian Spearman
quilted coat, spear, helmet, shield
DMF11 Arab/Kurdish JavelinmanDMF11 Arab/Kurdish Javelinman
long coat, throwing javelin, turban, buckler
DMF12 Mullah/ImmanDMF12 Mullah/Imman
long coat, waving arms, turban
DMF13 Arab SpearmanDMF13 Arab Spearman
long coat, throwing spear, bare headed, buckler
DMF14 Arab Standard BearerDMF14 Arab Standard Bearer
long coat, standard
DMF15 Arab ArcherDMF15 Arab Archer
long coat, loading bow, turban
DMF16 Abbasid Empire Abna SpearmanDMF16 Abbasid Empire Abna Spearman
long coat, spear, holding javelins behind buckler, turbaned helmet, short cloak