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The armies of Dukes Eudo and Waifar, who fought the Arabs and Carolingians
Note: Basque cavalry and infantry are integral to this army
DQC01 Duke Eudo/Noble
mail cuirass, pteruges, vambraces, greaves, sword drawn, plumed, spangenhelm, cloak, round shield
DQC02 Aquitanian
mail cuirass, pteruges, trousers, spear levelled, two piece helmet, cloak, round shield (one piece-rider & horse)
DQC03 Aquitanian
tunic, wide trousers, spear, cloak, round shield
DQF01 Aquitanian Spearman
tunic and breeches, spear, bare headed, cloak, round shield
DQF02 Aquitanian Standard Bearer
tunic and breeches, standard, bare headed, round shield
DQF03 Aquitanian Archer
tunic and breeches, firing bow, bare headed, buckler slung