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The Britons and Celts ranges are completely interchangeable. Eg. CF01 and CF02 from the Celts range can be used as British Standard Bearer and Musician.
BC01 Mounted ChieftainBC01 Mounted Chieftain
heavy cavalry, spear, round shield
BC02 Mounted WarriorBC02 Mounted Warrior
unarmoured, spear, round shield
BCH01 Chariot with 2 poniesBCH01 Chariot with 2 ponies
warrior and naked driver – 2.12
BF01 WarriorBF01 Warrior
unarmoured, sword, squared shield
BF02 WarriorBF02 Warrior
unarmoured, javelin, oval shield, helmet
BF03 WarriorBF03 Warrior
unarmoured, sword, round shield
BF04 WarriorBF04 Warrior
unarmoured, sword, oval shield, helmet
BF05 SlingerBF05 Slinger
BF06 ChieftainBF06 Chieftain
heavyfoot, Battersea helmet, squared shield
BF07 WarriorBF07 Warrior
unarmoured, javelin, round shield