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  Home > 1. Donnington 'Originals' > Individual Figures and Accessories > The Dark Ages and Byzantine Empire > African Kingdoms 3rd to 7th Centuries

This range covers the enemies of Rome and Byzantium on the Nile and the Axumite kingdom
 which governed Ethiopia against the Arabs and Sassanids. For Axumites in Arabia, Arab Early
Conquest figures should be used.
BNC01 Mounted Nobade King
mail jacket, spear, crowned helmet, shield
BNC02 Mounted Noble
mail shirt, tunic, spear, crocodile skin helmet, cloak, shield
BNC03 Mounted Noble
mail shirt, trousers, sword, bare headed, shield
BNC04 Blemye Cavalry
crocodile skin/copper cuirass and plumed helmet, tunic, trousers, spear, shield
BNC05 Warrior
tunic, crocodile skin cuirass and helmet, spear, shield
BNC06 Mounted Officer
crocodile skin/mail cuirass, waving sword, copper/iron helmet, shield
BNC07 Mounted Warrior
tunic, baggy shorts, spear, crocodile skin/copper helmet, shield
BNC08 Border Guard Cavalry
tunic, spear, leather helmet, cloak, shield
BNF01 Spearman
tunic, spear, fuzzy hair, shield
BNF02 Archer
bare chest, kilt, loading bow, fuzzy hair
BNF03 Archer
bare chest, kilt, firing bow, fuzzy hair
BNF04 Axumite/Nobade Tribesman
tunic, trousers, spear, shield, advancing
BNF05 Blemye/Nobade Tribesman
bare chest, kilt, holding bow & spear
BNF06 Tribal Archer
bare chest, kilt, firing long self bow