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recent releases

Xyston Miniatures - As the main UK stockist for Xyston Miniatures, we will have all the Xyston  ranges on show and available for purchase (see 'News' oppposite)

‘New Era’ Feudal Range - Over 60 mounted figures including:

Character figures
12th C knights and sergeants
12th C Military Order knights
12th C Spanish knights
13th C knights & MAA
13th C sergeants
13th C Military Order knights
Teutonic knights
13th C Spanish Knights
Spanish Military Order knights

‘New Era' Battleflags - the first sheets of two new ranges:

Scottish Wars of Independence - English
Scottish Wars of Independence - Scottish
Teutonic Knights
Knights Templar 
Knights Hospitaller
Generic "national" crusader crosses

English Civil War
New Model Army 1645/6
London and SE Trained Bands - 3 sheets
Royalist infantry regiments - 3 sheets

Later Medieval

German Nobles and Commanders

A&M Wargames Measuring Set – A set of laser cut MDF measures, designed to allow accurate ‘square’ movement of your troop bases. Set also includes an easy wheeling system.

Free set of cohesion makers with each set - Ideal for FOG players! 

We look forward to seeing those
who make it to the show


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Dec'12 - Flag Sheets: The first of our Renaissance 'Battleflag' sheets have been relesased,
featuring flags of Gustavus Adolphus's Infantry Regiments:
BFL4000 30 Yrs War: Swedish Infantry - Sheet 1
BFL4001 30 Yrs War: Swedish Infantry - Sheet 2
BFL4002 30 Yrs War: Swedish Infantry - Sheet 3

- Flag Sheets: We've added more sheets to our 'Battleflag' Wars Of the Roses range,
featuring rectangular guidons that display the livery and badges of the major nobles:
BFL3200a2 Lancastrian - Sheet 4
BFL3200b2 Lancastrian - Sheet 5
BFL3200c2 Lancastrian - Sheet 6
BFL3210a2 Yorkist - Sheet 4
BFL3210b2 Yorkist- Sheet 5
BFL3210c2 Yorkist- Sheet 6

- New Figure Releases: Available Now!
Galloglaigh: First of our new 'Feudal Period' range featuring figures with axes, spears,
two handed swords and single handed swords. Sculpting of mounted knights is underway!

Normans: Two new codes, NMF11 & NMF12, featuring armoured swordsmen and Swabians

- Flag Sheets: We've added a number of special flag sheets to our 'Battleflag' range:
BFL3020 100 Yrs War: Gascons and Other Allies of the English
BFL3030 The Scottish in the 14th and 15th Centuries
BFL3100 Commanders of the French Ordonnance Companies
BFL3220 Wars of the Roses: The Pretender rebellion - Lancaster (Tudor)
BFL3221 Wars of the Roses: The Pretender rebellion - York

Apr'12 - 'Dead Elelphants': Available Now! Two new additions to our 'Casualties' range.
DD42 and DD43 are fallen elephants that come with optional smashed howdahs

Mar'12 - Renaissance Ranges: We recently started a re-mastering and re-moulding programme
for our Rennaisance ranges. The 'Thirty Years War' range is first to complete its rennonvation and
photos of the range have now been posted in our eshop. A completely new 3pdr batallion gun has
been added (ARTTY04) which fits onto a 25mm deep base making it ideal for FOGR Regimental Gun

- 'New Era' Artillery: New bNN Guns and gun crew have been added to the 'New Era'
Medieval ranges. More early period guns are being sculpted and will available around Aug'12

Feb'12 - Wars of the Roses Flags: New bNN New banners, pennons, standards and guidons for both
Lancastrian and Yorkist factions of the war

Jan'12 - Wire Weapons: As of Jan 1st 2012, our figures will no longer be supplied with wire
for pikes and lances. However, 50mm wire spear packs are available from our Donnington 'New Era'
Equipment range (see EQ08 and EQ09) and wire spears are offered as 'weapon upgrades' with
'New Era' figures

Sep'11  - ‘Wars of the Roses’: New range - NOW AVAILABLE

              - Flag Sheets: Seige of Oleans English & French sheets released
Jun '11 - ‘Normans’: New range - NOW AVAILABLE
Feb '11 - Price Increase: Due to continued upward pressure on the cost of metal, we have had to increase our figure prices for the first time in 3 years. Increases apply from 13th Feb:
                                         Basic Foot          Basic Mounted
30p                         60p
               ‘New Era’               40p                         90p