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Attack - Devizes



Sat 21st - Sun 22nd July 2018

Devizes School 
The Green
Southbroom Road
SN10 3AG

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‘New Era’ Armies of Islam Range -
Over 50 mounted and 40 foot figure codes (most with multiple poses) including:

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Berbers, Moors and Saracens
Nubians, Negroes and Sudanese


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VKH01 - VKH04

IRC01 Mounted ChieftainIRC01 Mounted Chieftain
tunic, cloak, shield, sword
IRC02 Mounted NobleIRC02 Mounted Noble
tunic, cloak, shield, spear (2 poses)
IRF01 ChieftainIRF01 Chieftain
long tunic, brat, sword, shield
IRF02 King/ChieftainIRF02 King/Chieftain
long tunic, cloak with fur collar, 2 handed axe
IRF03 Noble Warrior with light spearIRF03 Noble Warrior with light spear
long tunic, cloak, spear, shield (2 poses)
IRF04 Noble Warrior with axeIRF04 Noble Warrior with axe
variant of IRF03 with axe (2 handed axe can be cut down for a hand axe variant)
IRF05 Noble Warrior with 2 handed axeIRF05 Noble Warrior with 2 handed axe
long tunic, cloak, 2 handed axe
IRF06 Warrior with javelin or light spearIRF06 Warrior with javelin or light spear
trews, jacket, shield (3 poses)
IRF07 Warrior with axeIRF07 Warrior with axe
variant of IRF06 (3 poses - 2 handed axe can be cut down for hand axe variant)
IRF08 Warrior with 2 handed axeIRF08 Warrior with 2 handed axe
trews, jacket
IRF09 Levy with javelinIRF09 Levy with javelin
trews or shorts, shield (2 poses)
IRF10 ArcherIRF10 Archer
trews or shorts, bow (2 poses)
IRF11 SlingerIRF11 Slinger
trews or shorts, sling (2 poses)