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Salute - London



Saturday 14th April 2018

Excel London

Royal Victoria Dock

1 Western Gateway


E16 1XL

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Xyston Miniatures - As the main UK stockist for Xyston Miniatures, we will have all the Xyston  ranges on show and available for purchase (see 'News' opposite)

‘New Era’ Armies of Islam Range -
Over 50 mounted and 40 foot figure codes (most with multiple poses) including:

Character figures
Berbers, Moors and Saracens
Nubians, Negroes and Sudanese

‘New Era' Battleflags - new sheets for:

Armies of Islam

We look forward to seeing you at the show

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Maccabean Jews
ANC20207 - Maccabean Jewish JavelinmenANC20207 - Maccabean Jewish Javelinmen
Random mix of 8 javelinmen from 8 different designs (includes shields).
ANC20208 - Maccabean Jewish SwordsmenANC20208 - Maccabean Jewish Swordsmen
Random mix of 8 swordsmen from 4 different designs (includes shields).
ANC20209 - Maccabean Jewish SlingersANC20209 - Maccabean Jewish Slingers
Random mix of 8 Slingers from 8 different designs.
ANC20210 - Maccabean Jewish ArchersANC20210 - Maccabean Jewish Archers
Random mix of 8 Archers from 8 different designs.
ANC20211 - Maccabean Commanders on FootANC20211 - Maccabean Commanders on Foot
Random mix of 8 models from 4 different designs.
ANC20212 - Maccabean Unarmoured CavalryANC20212 - Maccabean Unarmoured Cavalry
Random mix of 4 Riders and Horses from 4 different designs.
ANC20213 - Maccabean Armoured CavalryANC20213 - Maccabean Armoured Cavalry
Random mix of 4 Riders and Horses from 4 different designs. Includes shields.
ANC20214 - Maccabean Mounted GeneralsANC20214 - Maccabean Mounted Generals
Random mix of 4 models on armoured horses from 4 different designs.
ANC20215 - Foot Standards and MusiciansANC20215 - Foot Standards and Musicians
Random mix of 4 standard bearers and 4 musicians, each from 2 different designs.
ANC20216 - Zealot InfantryANC20216 - Zealot Infantry
Random mix of 8 zealots from 8 different designs.
ANC20217 - Zealot ArchersANC20217 - Zealot Archers
Random mix of 8 archers from 4 different designs.
ANC20227 - RabbisANC20227 - Rabbis
Random mix of 8 Rabbis from 4 different designs (One model (far right of picture) includes multiple hand options for scroll, menorah, or censer).
ANC20228 - Judah MaccabeeANC20228 - Judah Maccabee
Pack of 5 models (2 mounted) from 5 different designs, representing: Judah Maccabee as a guerilla leader Judah Maccabee as a general (on foot and mounted) High Priest (on foot and mounted)