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SALUTE - London
Sat 22nd Apr


ExCel London
Royal Victoria Dock
1 Western Gateway
E16 1XL

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recent releases

Xyston Miniatures - As the main UK stockist for Xyston Miniatures, we will have all the Xyston  ranges on show and available for purchase (see 'News' oppposite)

‘New Era’ Feudal Range - Over 60 mounted figures including:

Character figures
12th C knights and sergeants
12th C Military Order knights
12th C Spanish knights
13th C knights & MAA
13th C sergeants
13th C Military Order knights
Teutonic knights
13th C Spanish Knights
Spanish Military Order knights

‘New Era' Battleflags - the first sheets of two new ranges:

Scottish Wars of Independence - English
Scottish Wars of Independence - Scottish
Teutonic Knights
Knights Templar 
Knights Hospitaller
Generic "national" crusader crosses

English Civil War
New Model Army 1645/6
London and SE Trained Bands - 3 sheets
Royalist infantry regiments - 3 sheets

Later Medieval

German Nobles and Commanders

A&M Wargames Measuring Set – A set of laser cut MDF measures, designed to allow accurate ‘square’ movement of your troop bases. Set also includes an easy wheeling system.

Free set of cohesion makers with each set - Ideal for FOG players! 

We look forward to seeing those
who make it to the show

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These figures are ideal for making cohesion makers for 'Fields of Glory'. Base and colour code them for cohesion markers to die for!


DD01 RomanDD01 Roman
mailshirt, helmet, lying on back
DD02 HellenisticDD02 Hellenistic
cuirass, helmet, lying on back
DD03 CeltDD03 Celt
broken sword, shield, limed hair, lying on back
DD04 BarbarianDD04 Barbarian
tunic, face down
DD05 AsiaticDD05 Asiatic
tunic, bow, lying on back
DD06 Imperial Roman LegionaryDD06 Imperial Roman Legionary
lying on back
DD07 Parthian CataphractDD07 Parthian Cataphract
lying on side
DD08 Late Roman InfantrymanDD08 Late Roman Infantryman
shield, lying on face
DD09 Late Roman CavalrymanDD09 Late Roman Cavalryman
lying on side
DD10 Sassanid ClibinariusDD10 Sassanid Clibinarius
shield, lying on back
DD11 Gothic CavalrymanDD11 Gothic Cavalryman
helmet, shield, lying on face
DD12 Arab/MoslemDD12 Arab/Moslem
hair loose, quiver, lying on back
DD13 Crusader InfantrymanDD13 Crusader Infantryman
shield, lying on face
DD14 Crusader KnightDD14 Crusader Knight
mail and surcoat, lying on back
DD15 Medieval HorseDD15 Medieval Horse
(suitable for eastern,steppe or light horse)
DD16 Medieval Armoured HorseDD16 Medieval Armoured Horse
scale armour
DD17 17th Century Heavy HorseDD17 17th Century Heavy Horse
pistols in holsters
DD18 17th Century MusketeerDD18 17th Century Musketeer
felt hat, lying on face
DD19 Late 16th/17th Century PikemanDD19 Late 16th/17th Century Pikeman
morion helmet
DD20 17th Century CavalrymanDD20 17th Century Cavalryman
felt hat, lying on face
DD21 Cataphract HorseDD21 Cataphract Horse
DD22 Samnite InfantrymanDD22 Samnite Infantryman
shield, lying on side
DD23 HopliteDD23 Hoplite
hoplon shield, lying on back
DD24 ScythianDD24 Scythian
lying on face
DD25 Spanish/Iberian ScutariusDD25 Spanish/Iberian Scutarius
scutum shield, lying on face
DD26 Numidian SkirmisherDD26 Numidian Skirmisher
round shield, lying on back
DD27 NormanDD27 Norman
mail coat, tear drop shield, lying on side
DD28 VikingDD28 Viking
mail coat, axe, lying on face
DD29 Anglo Saxon HuscarlDD29 Anglo Saxon Huscarl
mail coat, axe, shield, lying on back
DD30 Anglo Saxon FyrdDD30 Anglo Saxon Fyrd
shield, cap, lying on side
DD31 MongolDD31 Mongol
lying on back
DD32 15th Century Plated KnightDD32 15th Century Plated Knight
lying on side
DD33 15th Century Plated HorseDD33 15th Century Plated Horse
DD34 Pile of Stripped BodiesDD34 Pile of Stripped Bodies
DD35 Pile of shields and swordsDD35 Pile of shields and swords
DD36 Impaled ManDD36 Impaled Man
DD37 Crucified ManDD37 Crucified Man
DD38 DacianDD38 Dacian
rhomphia, lying on back
DD39 ThracianDD39 Thracian
pelta,lying on side
DD40 HorseDD40 Horse
saddle cloth only
DD41 Tower of skullsDD41 Tower of skulls
DD42 Unarmoured ElephantDD42 Unarmoured Elephant
Fallen elephant with optional smashed howdah
DD43 Armoured ElephantDD43 Armoured Elephant
Fallen elephant with optional crest and optional smashed howdah