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SALUTE - London
Sat 22nd Apr


ExCel London
Royal Victoria Dock
1 Western Gateway
E16 1XL

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recent releases

Xyston Miniatures - As the main UK stockist for Xyston Miniatures, we will have all the Xyston  ranges on show and available for purchase (see 'News' oppposite)

‘New Era’ Feudal Range - Over 60 mounted figures including:

Character figures
12th C knights and sergeants
12th C Military Order knights
12th C Spanish knights
13th C knights & MAA
13th C sergeants
13th C Military Order knights
Teutonic knights
13th C Spanish Knights
Spanish Military Order knights

‘New Era' Battleflags - the first sheets of two new ranges:

Scottish Wars of Independence - English
Scottish Wars of Independence - Scottish
Teutonic Knights
Knights Templar 
Knights Hospitaller
Generic "national" crusader crosses

English Civil War
New Model Army 1645/6
London and SE Trained Bands - 3 sheets
Royalist infantry regiments - 3 sheets

Later Medieval

German Nobles and Commanders

A&M Wargames Measuring Set – A set of laser cut MDF measures, designed to allow accurate ‘square’ movement of your troop bases. Set also includes an easy wheeling system.

Free set of cohesion makers with each set - Ideal for FOG players! 

We look forward to seeing those
who make it to the show

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ART01 Scorpion CatapultART01 Scorpion Catapult
4th cent.BC to 1st cent. AD
ART02 Span CatapultART02 Span Catapult
2nd cent.BC to 2nd cent. AD
ART03 CarrobalistaART03 Carrobalista
2nd to 5th cent. AD
ART04 Mounted Carrobalista on cartART04 Mounted Carrobalista on cart
2 mules
ART05 Onager/MangonelART05 Onager/Mangonel
with ladle
ART06 Onager /MangonelART06 Onager /Mangonel
with sling
ART07 1 Talent Torsion CatapultART07 1 Talent Torsion Catapult
firing stone ball
ART08 1 Talent Torsion CatapultART08 1 Talent Torsion Catapult
firing large dart
ART09 CrewmanART09 Crewman
tunic, trousers, pushing
ART10 CrewmanART10 Crewman
tunic, trousers, levering with stave
ART11 CrewmanART11 Crewman
tunic, trousers, commanding
ART12 CrewmanART12 Crewman
tunic, trousers, holding sledge hammer
ART13 Pile of stonesART13 Pile of stones
ART14 Hellenistic OfficerART14 Hellenistic Officer
linen cuirass, commanding, Thracian helmet
ART15 Hellenistic CrewmanART15 Hellenistic Crewman
linen cuirass, pointing, levering stave, helmet
ART16 Hellenistic CrewmanART16 Hellenistic Crewman
linen cuirass, holding stone ball, Pilos helmet
ART17 Hellenistic CrewmanART17 Hellenistic Crewman
tunic, shielding eyes, Pilos helmet
ART18 Hellenistic CrewmanART18 Hellenistic Crewman
scale cuirass, levering with stave
ART19 Imperial Roman OptioART19 Imperial Roman Optio
mail cuirass, commanding, plumed helmet
ART20 Imperial Roman CrewmanART20 Imperial Roman Crewman
segment cuirass, pointing, holding stave, helmet
ART21 Imperial Roman CrewmanART21 Imperial Roman Crewman
segment cuirass, levering with stave, helmet
ART22 Imperial Roman CrewmanART22 Imperial Roman Crewman
segment cuirass, holding ball, helmet
ART23 Imperial Roman CrewmanART23 Imperial Roman Crewman
mail cuirass, shielding eyes, helmet
ART24 Imperial Roman CrewmanART24 Imperial Roman Crewman
mail cuirass, pointing, holding dart
ART25 Late Roman OfficerART25 Late Roman Officer
tunic, trousers, directing, cloak, helmet
ART26 Late Roman CrewmanART26 Late Roman Crewman
tunic, trousers, levering with stave, helmet
ART27 Late Roman CrewmanART27 Late Roman Crewman
tunic, trousers, pointing, holding dart
ART28 Late Roman CrewmanART28 Late Roman Crewman
bare cheasted, trousers, shielding eyes, cap
ART29 Late Roman CrewmanART29 Late Roman Crewman
tunic, trousers, holding ball, cap