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SALUTE - London
Sat 22nd Apr


ExCel London
Royal Victoria Dock
1 Western Gateway
E16 1XL

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recent releases

Xyston Miniatures - As the main UK stockist for Xyston Miniatures, we will have all the Xyston  ranges on show and available for purchase (see 'News' oppposite)

‘New Era’ Feudal Range - Over 60 mounted figures including:

Character figures
12th C knights and sergeants
12th C Military Order knights
12th C Spanish knights
13th C knights & MAA
13th C sergeants
13th C Military Order knights
Teutonic knights
13th C Spanish Knights
Spanish Military Order knights

‘New Era' Battleflags - the first sheets of two new ranges:

Scottish Wars of Independence - English
Scottish Wars of Independence - Scottish
Teutonic Knights
Knights Templar 
Knights Hospitaller
Generic "national" crusader crosses

English Civil War
New Model Army 1645/6
London and SE Trained Bands - 3 sheets
Royalist infantry regiments - 3 sheets

Later Medieval

German Nobles and Commanders

A&M Wargames Measuring Set – A set of laser cut MDF measures, designed to allow accurate ‘square’ movement of your troop bases. Set also includes an easy wheeling system.

Free set of cohesion makers with each set - Ideal for FOG players! 

We look forward to seeing those
who make it to the show

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These 15mm scale flags will enhance the appearance of your individual figures, battle groups and units. Each set of flags has been fully researched and comes with a potted history about their use.

The flags feature subtle 'colour texturing' that adds to the impression of movement when the flags are fully assembled and draped.  They are printed on high quality paper and are supplied with a full set of assembly instructions

Please contact us if you would like any sheet in a scale other than 15mm
Orders in other scales will be processed manually and not through this eshop

Dark Age / Early Medieval Flags
Flags of the Vikings, Saxons and Normans
Feudal Period Medieval Flags
Flags of Feudal Europe, Military Orders, Crusades and the Arab/Muslim World
Later Medieval Flags
Flags of the 100 Yrs War, Gascony, the Scots, French Ordonnance, Burgundy, the Swiss, the Wars of the Roses and medieval Germany
Renaissance Flags
Flags of the Swedish (Gustavus Adolphus) and the ECW